I try to keep my creativity sharp by sketching whenever and with whatever I can, whether it’s with ball-point pen, pencil, or the classic Sharpie marker. My canvas is whatever scrap of paper I can grab, from a sketch book to a Post-It note to even a store receipt. Here’s a selection of some of my recent doodles!

Pro-Wrestling Portraits

As a fan of professional wrestling ever since I first saw “Macho Man” Randy Savage on television, I love to sketch the performers that put their bodies on the line for this unique form of entertainment. The following gallery contains sketches of pro-wrestlers from AEW, WWE, the independent scene and more!

Post-It Sketches

For as long as I could get away with it, during my downtime at work, I would sketch drawing on Post-It Notes and leave them around the office. I eventually I got told to knock it off, but not before I did hundreds of these! Here’s a collection of as many as I was able to snag pictures of!

Random Remnants

The following gallery is collection of random sketches with no particular theme.