Concept Art

Deadtective: Paranormal Investigation was a proposed episodic Xbox Live Indie Game for the Xbox Live Marketplace, with the potential for iOS and other mobile ports. I was responsible for character designs and background art for the proposal. While this did not see final development, I wanted to share some of the artwork that was created for it.

The Concept – Dominick Tav, lead signer of the popular heavy metal band Blood Muffins, is on top of the world. He’s never been more popular; groupies throw themselves at his feet wherever he goes and every desire, no matter how silly or immature, is his for the taking. That is, until, someone takes his life after a show. Written off as a typical case of a rock star partying himself to death by the detective at the scene, it’s up to Dom in his new spectral form to dig up the truth of his death. Being dead has its disadvantages – Dom can’t interact with anyone or anything in the world of the living without possessing a body first! Can Dom discover who murdered him in cold blood and why? Who else may have fallen victim to the same fate?