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I HEART Disappointment was an original weekly web-comic drawn, written, and published by myself under the pseudonym “GIL” from 2007 to 2008. This was my first attempt to create a story entirely on my own, but unfortunately was not completed. However, I felt that it taught me quite a bit during my time producing it, and wanted to provide it in its entirety on this website.

Warning: Comic contains adult language, partial nudity and some scenes of violence. 

Entertain Dome was an original weekly web-comic that ran from 2002 to 2007. It was intended to be a more adults only (or immature adults only) alternative to other gaming webcomics at the time. It was co-created by Steven “Razlo” Bailey to run concurrently with his other original webcomic Bizarre Uprising, who has since went on to work on several video games such as the Rock Band series and his own original tabletop games Billionaire Banshee and Re-Extinction.

Entertain Dome, or more commonly referred to as ED, starred parodies of ourselves named Razlo, Gil, and his brother Yuji, making filthy jokes about video games, movies, and pop-culture. ED eventually developed a motley crew of supporting characters such as unstoppable Zombie Bruce Lee, the involuntarily invulnerable Suicidal Guy, the wily Uno Kid, the oversexed Manko, the obliviously hateful 1950’s Dad, and many more. We also experimented with our visual styles from time to time, with some comics featuring additional coloring work by Jen Guerra, and clay sculptures and photos by Steven “Razlo” Bailey before completing its run. 

Warning: Entertain Dome was created for an adult audience, and many comics are not safe for work due to instances of graphic violence, language, nudity and sexual content, making this comic not appropriate for all readers. You have been warned!